Our restaurant. Our history.

From the rotisserie to the seafood, from the snack bar to the most refined catering, many have been the facets of professionalism that the Ruginis family has put at the disposal of Perugia’s customers in over forty years of business.
The roasts of the “Gatto Nero” and the seafood of the “Canto delle Sirene” still live on in the memories of the many customers who have made possible the existence of the Fontanelle Hotel in Perugia, a paradisiacal hotel resort, located in one of the most attractive hills of Perugia, in which the restaurant of the same name lives.

The Fontanelle Restaurant in Perugia, from 2006 and thanks to the consolidated experience and professionalism offered, has become a reference point for convivial banquets, weddings, corporate dinners, graduation or simply to spend magical moments in the company of excellent food, surrounded by an elegant and familiar atmosphere at the same time.

Born with the desire to offer its customers the delights of the land and Umbrian tradition, Fontanelle Restaurant in Perugia, while maintaining this feature, has seen its menu changed over the years to meet the demands of its guests who, orphaned of the restaurant “Il Canto delle Sirene” and its seafood cuisine, continued to look for “Mr. Francesco” for his famous fish dishes, allowing today Fontanelle Restaurant to boast one of the most popular seafood cuisines in Perugia.

Located in three different rooms, the Fontanelle Restaurant is perfectly suited for a variety of solutions. The main dining room has about one hundred seats “à la carte” and is also perfect for ceremonies and banquets. The “gazebo hall”, a terrace covered by a wonderful wooden roof and located on the second floor, enjoys, thanks to its large windows, an enchanting view of the area. It is ideal for banquets, ceremonies and convivial dinners, but also for meetings, conferences and presentations. Worthy of special mention is the outdoor terrace by the pool, which in the summertime allows the guests of Ristorante Fontanelle to enjoy its delicious dishes under the stars, in the company of a breathtaking view of Perugia surrounding area, à la carte or for aperitifs and organized dinners of any kind.

Fontanelle Restaurant in Perugia is often the promoter of interesting culinary events such as tasting evenings in collaboration with the best wine and food producers of the area or presentations of menus accompanied by live music.

Moreover, in the course of the years, many sports clubs, especially football clubs, have chosen Fontanelle Restaurant in Perugia as a place to eat and relax, thanks to the important experience gained by the restaurant in the specific service of meals before competitions and sports retreats in general. Fontanelle restaurant can also boast many collaborations with top level national and international football and volleyball teams and clubs.

The intent of the Ruginis family has always been to offer the best quality to its guests, from the choice of raw materials to the expert handling and presentation of the same. Thanks to many years of experience, the expertise of its staff and constantly updated knowledge, Ristorante Fontanelle is able to offer unique experiences, both in the dish and in the attentive hospitality, conveying a familiar and professional atmosphere at the same time.

Fontanelle Restaurant in Perugia is therefore synonymous with reliability, good food, elegance and familiarity. It is the ideal place to enhance special moments and embellish the memories of important events.

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