Sport teams retreats

The services of the Fontanelle hotel in Perugia are impeccable when it comes to managing sports retreats of all levels, from major teams to youth teams.

The professional history of the Ruginis family and the Fontanelle Hotel in Perugia has always been characterized by its closeness to sports. From the Gaucci era to the present days, the restaurants historically managed by “Mr. Francesco” have always been the destination and landmark for many A.C. Perugia football players, who were able to find, in addition to a high quality culinary offer, a familiar and homely environment.

Countless have been, over the years, the pregame retreats and team dinners and lunches organized and the collaborations with sports clubs of every standing, which, combined with the great passion of the Ruginis family for sports in general, has allowed the family and the restaurant itself to forge important interpersonal and professional bonds and to refine its skills in managing this type of guests.